Hachiko was a japanese Akita Dog remembered for his
loyalty to his owner (Ueno), for whom he continued
to wait for over 9 years following Ueno’s Death.

It’s not news to anyone that dogs may just be the greatest animals to ever exist. While dogs may just be pets to us, to them, their owners are their entire world. Here, one dog proved  that to the entire world after becoming known for the loyalty he had for his owner. Hachiko the dog waited for his owner at a train station every day, despite the fact that the owner had already died. But for every day until his own death, Hachiko waited and waited to be reunited with his precious owner.

Hachiko the dog. In the 1920s, a professor living in Tokyo decided he wanted to get a pet dog— specifically a Japanese Akita dog. He searched high and low for the perfect dog to buy, but eventually decided to adopt instead.

Routine. The professor Eizaburo Ueno and his dog were inseparable and did everything together. In fact, Hachiko even saw his owner off to work in the morning, and was there to greet him at the train station when Ueno returned

Train station. But sadly after just two years together, the inseparable duo never saw one another again because Ueno died unexpectedly after suffering from a stroke. However, this didn’t stop Hachiko from returning to the train station everyday at 3 pm, when his owner was set to return from work.

Waiting. Every day for the next 9 years, Hachiko would wait at the train station for his master. Eventually, a former student of Ueno’s found out what the loyal dog was doing and decided to feature a story on him in the local newspaper, reports All Thats Interesting.

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