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In 1959, CIA Agent Hijack Soviet Spacecraft(Luna) After Examine Luna Secret Luna Back On Truck. When Soviet Representative Returned He Found Truck And Luna Waiting For Him, With No One The Wiser.


In Soviet Russia There were 2 Newspapers:Pravda, Which means the “True” & Izvestia, Which means the “News”. The russians jok, “There is no truth in the News, And There is no news in the True.


Russia has a Monument Mouse to Honor Laboratory mice that have Lost their Lives in the name of Scientist Research.


The man who avoided world war 3! Once world war 3 just 2 minute away.But Russian army officer”Vasili Arkhipov” Referred To drop nuclear bomb on America on Octomber 27,1962. He saved whole world because of him we are alive today.


The U.S Purchased Alaska from Russia for just US $7.2 Million in 1867.