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In Netherlands, Two Police Officers Cooked Dinner & Washed Dishes For 5 Kids Whose Mom Was Taken To Hospital Due To Low Blood Sugar.


Find Three Hobbies You Love One to make you money, One to keep you In Shape, and One to keep you Creative.


The Life of National Geograpic Photographer.


Meet this 24 year old model who was told to bleach her dark skin.Nyakim Gatwech proved th world that dark skin people can also rule the fashion industry.


Hachiko was a japanese Akita Dog remembered for his loyalty to his owner (Ueno), for whom he continued to wait for over 9 years following Ueno’s Death.


Kim Ung-Yong could speak four languages at the age of 2, understood algebra at the age of 3, was a great student of physics at the University at the of 4 was invited to America by NASA at the age of 7. He finished his studies, eventually getting a Ph.D. At the age of 15 and hard recorded an IQ of 210.


“An empty stomach, a empty wallet, and a broken heart can teach you the best lessons in life.!!


This Photograph the Vietname War shows an American Soldier risking his life to save two Vietname children during a Gun Battle. A man risking his life for someone he doesn’t know,this is bravery.


This horse was stuck in mud. its owner, Nicole Graham, held its head for three hours, until help arrived, so it wouldn’t suffocate.


At age of 14 she built and flew her own single engine Airplane.Stephen Hawking had followed her on Twitter.At MIT she got the higest grade possible. Harvard University has titled her the next Einstein. Her Name is: Sabrina Gonzalez Patsterski.


Meet 16 year old Kalyani Shrivastava from Jhansi.She has created Desi Ac for just Rs 1850.


Addicted to the Drugs for Years,In and Out of Jail and almost Ruined his Career with his Actions and Addictions. Gets Clean,plays a Superhero and becomes one of the Most Respected Men in the Hollywood.Meet Robert Downey Jr!!


Andrew suryono was about to put his camera away due to rain,when he noticed an orangutan using leaf for shelter. He quickly snapped this shot,who got him a honorable mention in the 2015 National Geographic photo contest.