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A Buggati Veyron at top speed for A Minute will take 47,000 Ltr of Air As Much As You Breath In 4 Day.


Abraj Kudai will be the world Biggest Hotel. It will have 10,000 Rooms and 60 Restaurants.


A Red Panda Eats Approximately 200 Bamboo Shoots And Leaves Per Day, Which Is About 20 To 30% Of Their Body Weight.


Behind The Scene Of  Man Vs Wild.


You Should Never Eat Anything Which Is Wrapped In Newspaper Because Ink Used In Newspaper Is Directly Linked To Cancer.


Meet The Entelodont, The Horse-Sized “Hell Pig”   Whose Teeth Were As Thick As A Human Wrist


According To Some Former Astronauts Space Smell Like Seared Steak.


Dylan McWilliams, A 20 Year Old Man Who Was Bitten By Shark,Attack By A Bear And Bitten By Rattle Snake, All In Just Over 3 Years.


A Teenager From Connecticut Completed Her Bucket List Right Before She Died. She Had Previously Accomplished Everything On Her Bucket List Except For One Goal: Save A Life. She Died By Sacrificing Herself To Save A Friend By Pushing Him Out Of The Way Of An Oncoming Car.


Imagine What We Achieve When We Work Together.


Until 1974, It Was ILLEGAL To Appear Public In Chicago If You Were Ugly.


Dragon Hole Is The Deepest Known Blue Hole In The World At 300.89 Meters Deep And Located In South China Sea.


Nambia- Where The Desert Meet The Sea.


Apple Headquarters Employees Earn An Average Of US $125,000 A Year.


Al-Qaeda Initially Considred Targeting Nuclear Power Plants On 9/11 But Decided Against It, Fearing Things Could “Get Out Of Control.”


The Closest point to earth is not mount everest. Rather it is Mount Chimborazo, a 20,000 plus Foot mountain in Andes.Even though mount Everest is taller from sea level,Mount Chimborazo Sits higher on earth’s bulge.


The Earth’s inner core is about the same Temperature as the sun.


You Will Find World’s Most Dengerous Bird, The Cassowary, In The Daintree Rainforest.


The Golden Temple In India Feeds A Vegetarian Meal To Over 100,000 People A Day Regardless Of Race, Religion And Class.


Capuchin Male Monkeys Urinate On Themselves To Attract A Mate.


70% Of All The World’s Spices Come From India.


100 Million People Come To India’s Kumbh Mela Festival, The World’s Biggest Gathering Of Humans.


Being A Male Is A Matter Of Birth. Being A Man Is A Matter Of Age. But Being A Gentleman Is A Matter Of Choice.


Oatmeal Can help You Lose Weight And Stay Healthy.


Fatty Fish Contain Omega-3 fatty acids that help Promote Fat Loss.