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Over 68% of earth’s fresh water is frozen In permanent ice, including Earth’s ice Caps and Glaciers.


Humans Have Explored Only 5% Of Earth’s Ocean.


The Earth’s inner core is about the same Temperature as the sun.


If you drilled a tunnel straight through The Earth and jumped in, it would take You about 42 minutes to get to other side.


You are 1 Person, out of 7 Billion people on 1 Planet out of 8 Planets, Orbiting 1 Star, Out of 300 Billion Stars in 1 Galaxy Out of 200 to 2 Trillion Galaxies.


On  April 13,2029, an asteroid named Apophis will pass extremely close to earth but not hit the planet.About 2 billion people will be able to see the asteroid moving across the sky with naked eye.


If Earth stopped for 1 sec and you weren’t belt-buckle to the earth, you would fall over and roll 800 mph due east.. killing everyone.